The Green Waffle
Contact: Martin
City: Freedom, CA, 95019
Email Address:
Phone: 831-706-0271
About Us
Our company is a local family-owned business with sweat and tears behind it. There is not only a monetary investment in our business but, most importantly, hard work, time, and love. We are a company that holds integrity and honesty as valued assets that are non-negotiable. We have created a unique recipe in our quest to provide families with a healthy option for every meal. Our love for being in the kitchen, paired with our belief in sustainable nutrition, gave birth to The Green Waffle that we all love today.

The Convenience od Frozen Waffles, Without Compromise
The Green Waffle produces six different frozen waffles, each loaded with wholesome ingredients, including oats, egg whites, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Their waffles pair with many toppings, and the ingredients make it part of a well-rounded, healthy meal. In addition, they use only real-food ingredients and NEVER add sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Home Delivery of The Green Waffle Products is proud to serve as a Green Waffle Online Marketplace and provide home delivery in the Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions.