Blue Heron Farm
Address: 216 Merk Rd Watsonville, CA, 95076
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Phone: 831-722-8635
About Us
Blue Heron Farms is a 20-acre certified organic farm operating in a small sheltered valley in Corralitos, California, that is passionate about growing a diverse array of high-quality vegetables and flowers.

Blue Heron was started in 1985 by Dennis Tamura after studying gardening with Alan Chadwick in the 1970s and running the U.C. Santa Cruz Farm & Garden Apprenticeship Program for several years. Now operated by him and his wife Lori Perry, Blue Heron is driven by the hard work of a wonderful group of workers from Jalisco and Michoacan, Mexico, as well as a dedicated flower crew and market staff.

Organic Little Gems & Head Lettuce
Alan and Lori grow a large variety of vegetables, including butter lettuce, kales, collards, bok choy, sprouting broccoli, leeks, basil, cauliflower, fennel, carrots, beets, scallions, radishes, cilantro, and more. We are perhaps most popular for our little gem lettuces and other small head lettuce types.
Certified organic

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