Cult Crackers
Contact: Birgitta Durell and Dianna Dar
City: Berkeley, CA,
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About Us
Cult Crackers was started by two moms, Birgitta and Dianna. At the time, Birgitta, who is Swedish, was working for her family's cookware company and Dianna was the Editorial Director for an ecommerce brand. Our story begins with the homemade Swedish crackers Birgitta made to help sell her family's cookware. People would say, "forget those pans, sell those crackers."
We want you to enjoy our crackers knowing they’re made with your health and our planet in mind. From the very beginning we decided if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right, using our business as a force for good. We commit to using only the highest-quality organic ingredients we can find, are certified organic, mix and bake every batch of crackers by hand, package in sustainable packaging, pay our employees a living wage, and do things with care and intention.

Home Delivery of Cult Crackers for Just $5 delivers Cult Crackers throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions for only $5 regardless of order size and the number of items you include from other local farmers and producers. There are no additional fees; delivery to your door is just $5.

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