Aptos Farm
Address: 555 Charlson Rd Aptos, CA, 95003
Email Address:
Phone: 831-600-6446
About Us
Aptos Farm is a small certified organic family farm in Aptos founded in 1978, specializing in Organic Kiwi fruit. We harvest in November and have fruit available through May. Our fruit is hand-picked and stays right here in a cooler on the farm until it is delivered to grocers and you!

Artisanal Goat Milk Soaps
Our Farm also has a growing herd of milk goats. These entertaining and well-loved cohabitants on the farm produce all the milk used in our artisanal soaps. Handcrafted small-batch moisturizing soaps with all ingredients sourced from the farm.
Certified organic.

Home Delivery of Aptos Farm Produce for Just $5 delivers Aptos Farm Produce produce throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions for only $5 regardless of order size and the number of items you include from other local farmers and producers. There are no additional fees; delivery to your door is just $5.

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