Stepladder Ranch and Creamery
Contact: Michelle and Jack Rudolph
City: Cambria, CA,
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About Us
As a farmstead creamery, we raise our goats on the farm and make cheese from their milk, which allows us to manage every aspect of our cheese production.

Our herd of 40 goats graze on three acres of open pasture and oak woodlands and are protected by our dedicated Anatolian Shepherds, Lily and Gus. Our herd consists of all registered LaManchas, the only breed of goats developed in the United States, notable for their tiny ears. We begin breeding in the fall and the kids (babies!) arrive between February and April. Starting with the Milk House, goat milk is pumped from the milking parlor, traveling through our pipeline system, through a filter, and into the 200-gallon bulk tank in the milk house. The milking parlor is where the first part of our production begins... if you don’t count the breeding, birthing, raising, feeding, pasture maintaining, snuggling, and general caretaking of the goats, that is! Every day, twice a day, for about 8 months of lactation from spring to fall, we milk our goats at 7am and 4pm. No days off for the goats or for us! Between four of us creamery workers we all take turns during the 14 milking shifts each week.
For us, being a sustainable ranch and creamery is non-negotiable. We love where we live and work, and want to keep it looking as beautiful as when we got here.

It's a constant work in progress, but here are just a few of the ways we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint as a business, so we can feel better knowing our company is minimizing waste and reducing energy: a 50KW solar array on the farm that produces roughly 90 percent of the energy we use here, rely on spring water and rain catchment for our orchards and creamery, utilize the manure and waste from the goats to fertilize our orchards, feed the whey, cheese waste, and avocados to our pigs, and everything in our packaging is recyclable and made with recycled materials.

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