Coastal Moon Farm
Contact: Darren Story
Address: PO Box 1774 Freedom, , 95019
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Phone: 415-609-7482
About Us
Driven by a vision of enduring sustainability and food sovereignty, our cultivation style is based on the seven guiding principles of ecological farming. We combine proven agronomic science with innovative growing technologies to ensure healthy farming and healthy plants.?

“Bioponics” is a term coined for organic containerized cultivation. This method conserves precious resources by recycling water, nutrients, and growing media, yet still increasing production per square foot.

Containerized growing can flourish with organically certified materials, incorporate similar microbial action to that of soil crops, requires less use of pesticides, while eliminating soil erosion and nutrient runoff. Using this method, we consistently produce berries in a more economical and environmentally efficient greenhouse setting.
Certified organic.