Pajaro Pastures
Address: 1241 Amesti Rd Watsonville, , 95076
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Phone: 310-507-3857
About Us
Pajaro Pastures eggs are produced on 90-acre ranch including a diverse array of habitats. From sun-soaked meadows to shady creek beds, this landscape is primarily mixed annual grass with native perennial grasses, herbs, and shrubs. We have four heritage breeds of chickens grazing the land, and unlike the average "free-range" or/and "cage free" chicken farm we move the birds' grazing area every week. Our chickens primarily eat native vegetation and are also fed High Quality Certified Organic Chicken Feed, Certified Organic Vegetables, and Brewers Grain. Our birds spend all day outside doing fun activities such as: suntanning, dust-bathing, exploring, hunting bugs, and of course napping. At night they perch safely inside their mobile coop. A solar-powered electric fence and G the livestock guard dog work day and night to keep chickens safe.