Field Notes Farm and Studio
Address: PO Box 67371 Scotts Valley, , 95067
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Phone: 831-423-0334
About Us
Field Notes Farm and Studio is a small batch, artisan soap company in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California started in 2016 by artist Kachina Schoos. Her hand-crafted soaps are the culmination of a lifetime of living close to the land on a small farm in the rural enclave of Bonny Doon. Kachina finds inspiration in the abundant native horticulture, in the sweet, creamy milk from her childhood friend’s goat dairy farm, and in the herbs and flowers from several organic farms in her community.

Field Notes soap grew from her desire to blend her art with nature to produce a nutrient rich product that is free from the synthetic scents and ingredients that are harmful to the skin and the environment. Field Notes bars are at once luxurious and simple, made with therapeutic grade essential oils, colorants and pigments from farm-grown organic herbs and wild-foraged plants and flowers--dandelion, huckleberry, plantain, calendula-- natural clays, Himalayan salts and activated charcoal. Using careful craftsmanship and chemistry, and the freshest raw goats milk from a small herd of healthy dairy goats fed on organic whole grains, fresh hay and meadow grasses, Field Notes soaps are pure, simple and just about as close to nature as can be.