Wild Heart Bakeshop
Address: 119 Plum St., Santa Cruz, CA, 95062
Email Address:
Phone: 831-419-3936
About Us
Wild Heart Bakeshop is a family-owned and community-supported Certified Cottage Food Operation. Wild Heart Bakeshop creates artisan baked goods, made with love and baked to order. Naturally leavened with a wild yeast starter, their sourdough breads and bagels offer a rustic tang that delights the palette. Quality means everything and they use simple whole foods ingredients, organic whenever possible.

Preesrvative free Baked Breads, Bagels, Cookies and Granola
All of Wild Heart Bakeshop's goods are baked with the day of delivery in mind, they are made without preservatives and are meant to be enjoyed immediately. Their bagels are baked the morning of delivery and for peak freshness, please eat or freeze on the day of delivery.
Artisanal baking

Home Delivery of Wild Heart Bakeshop Baked Goods for Just $5 delivers Wild Heart Bakeshop Baked Goods throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions for only $5 regardless of order size and the number of items you include from other local farmers and producers. There are no additional fees; delivery to your door is only $5.

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