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Fogline Farm has been in operation since 2009. In 2009, Johnny Wilson began leasing a beautiful 40-acre apple orchard in the Soquel hills above Santa Cruz. In 2010, Caleb Barron and Jeffrey Caspary joined the team. For 4 years, the farm grew in abundance as pasture-raised broilers fertilized the vegetable fields. Egg-laying chickens and heritage hogs roamed the orchard keeping it clean of weeds and pests while fertilizing the trees. Fogline managed a CSA and grew their farmer's market presence. In 2014, the historic 100-year old Manildi Ranch was sold and the original family moved away. And so did Johnny and Jeffrey. Caleb took over ownership and management. The integrated management continued, but with the new owners arriving and a need to expand the livestock program, the need for a new property was on the horizon.

Continued Commitment to Pasture Raised Livestock
In 2016, Fogline Farm leased 10 acres from Rodoni Farms. This beautiful ranch, with sprawling views of the pacific ocean and the golden hills that form the central coast, is just 3 miles North of Santa Cruz. At the Rodoni Ranch, Fogline Farm can give their organic fed, pasture-raised broilers more pasture to move around on and a more moderate coastal climate. In 2017, Fogline Farm leased 20 acres from Pie Ranch at Ano Nuevo State Park. This large, sprawling, flat pasture gives Fogline even more opportunity to grow and increase the availability of local, Central Coast, pasture-raised poultry.

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Pasture-raised, sustainability, humane animal husbandry

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