Rancho Soquel
Address: 1317 Old San Jose Rd Soquel, CA, 95073
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Phone: 831-347-2247
About Us
Rancho Soquel is a CCOF Organic Certified farm that began as a vision to get as close as possible to the food we eat and feed our families. We strive to grow the best, most nutrient-dense food and do it with full transparency and integrity.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Crops, Healthy People, Healthy Planet
On 115-acres nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we’ve been reviving the soil and learning the land’s patterns. Healthy food and healthy ecosystems go hand-in-hand. Our focus is the long-term health of this land. That means investing in soil remineralization, welcoming pollinators, and growing with zero pesticides. Grown in nutrient-rich, biologically active soil. We work in harmony with the land, not against it.

Home Delivery of Rancho Soquel Produce is proud to serve as a Rancho Soquel Online Marketplace and provide home delivery in the Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions.
Certified organic - CCOF Certified Organic, USDA NOP

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