Santa Cruz Bee Company
Contact: Emily Bondor
City: Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
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About Us
The Santa Cruz Bee Company puts the needs of the bees first, placing them in a biodiverse environment that can sustain them naturally year-round. The bees are not here to cater to us, so our focus is not on honey or other products of the hive, but rather to see that the environment is providing the bees with what they need to succeed.

Raw, Local, Treatment-Free Honey from Santa Cruz, CA!
Do you love honey? What about propolis?! Santa Cruz Bee Co. offers a variety of single-origin, varietal honey harvested from apiaries throughout Santa Cruz County. Our honey and other value-added hive products make great gifts!
We do not treat bees with chemicals to control for parasites and disease, but rather focus on integrated pest management and breeding for genetic resistance to mites. By breeding from locally adapted survivor stock, practicing small-scale stationary apiculture, and by using bee-centric management techniques, we see greater survival of bees naturally over time, without supplemental feeding and medicating. With the proper monitoring and management of honeybee colonies, we believe the bees can and will thrive!

Home Delivery of Santa Cruz Bee Company Products for Just $5 delivers Santa Cruz Bee Company Products throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions for only $5 regardless of order size and the number of items you include from other local farmers and producers. There are no additional fees; delivery to your door is only $5.

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