Sweets by the Sea
Contact: Sarah Takikwa
City: Marina, CA, 93933
Email Address:
About Us
Sweets by the Sea is owned and operated by Sarah Takikwa and offers a variety of baked goods (Banana Breads, Mochi Cakes, Toffee, and Brittle) that are available through local businesses in Monterey and Santa Cruz County. The Toffees and Brittle are made to order, so you’ll always receive the freshest batch of candy. Sarah uses high-quality ingredients and makes small batches to ensure high-quality results.

Home Delivery of Sweets by the Sea Treats for Just $5 delivers Sweets by the Sea throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions for only $5 regardless of order size and the number of items you include from other local farmers and producers. There are no additional fees; delivery to your door is only $5.

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