Spade & Plow Organics
Contact: Sam Thorp, Nick Thorp
Address: P.O. Box 743 San Martin, CA, 95046
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Phone: 831-594-6268
About Us
Spade & Plow Organics got its start in 2015, after finding 10 acres to lease in San Martin, CA. They worked the land, watered, weeded, and planted their first seed without a clear idea where their first harvest would go. But with an intention of sustainability, the Thorp family decided to create fresh, clean, certified organic fruits and vegetables accessible and affordable to Santa Clara County residents. To date, they've added on another 27-acre property also in San Martin, which has allowed them to increase our production, preserving more agricultural lands in Santa Clara County.

Certified Organic Produce from Santa Clara County
Today it is hard to see where Santa Clara Valley's Mediterranean climate and fertile soil once made it as important an agricultural region as California's Salinas, Parajoro, and Central valleys. Spade & Plow is among the few farms that preserve agricultural land for local production of organic produce. The Mediterranean climate and soil remain, making it possible for year-round stewardship and active production of organic fruit, root crops, peppers, brassicas, and other produce.
Regenerative farming. Certified organic - USDA NOP

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