Wise Goat Organics
Contact: Mary
Address: 1450 Union Rd Hollister, CA, 95023
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Phone: 303-905-9723
About Us
We are a small food business with the goal of providing healthy food that tastes marvelous. We source our ingredients from neighborhood farmers who care about the quality of their crops and preserving precious topsoil. Our business decisions are made based on the health of our customers and the impact we have on the environment. We hope you enjoy every bite!

Small-Batch, Organic Ferments
We focus on sourcing ferment ingredients from local, organic, and sustainable farmers. All of our ferments are produced in small hand-crafted batches in glass vessels. This ensures maximum nutritional benefit without the possibility of chemicals leaching into the food, as often happens with plastic or metal fermentation containers.

Home Delivery of Wise Goat Organics is proud to serve as a Wise Goat Organics Online Marketplace and provide home delivery in the Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley regions.